Award-winning Campaign to Encourage Consumption of Wholegrains

I worked on a team with two nutritionists and a social media expert to conceptualise and design a successful campaign. The campaign won a prestigious award and resulted in invitations to speak at conferences on wholegrains. Below are a series of animations I created for the campaign using a combination of my own illustrations and characters illustrated by Laura Dixon.

Brochure psd created by freepik -

This is the award ceremony: Carlos Abundancia (social media) and Christina Sadler (nutrition) holding the leaflet and the award. In case you can’t read the small print: third and fourth place were The European Chemical Industry Council and Accountancy Europe respectively. It’s worth noting, given the fact that the winners EUFIC were a small organisation with a tiny budget but a lot of creativity! 

We comissioned a serious of illustrations from Laura Dixon to demonstrate how Europeans can still have their baguette/pizza/pretzels and eat them (wholegrain)!