I’m Kirstyn, a Dubliner living in Belgium. My main passions in life are design and food, but not in that order ;)

While food is an all-encompassing passion, within the area of design, my true passions are science-communication and typography. It matters to me that my work has a function rather than just being aesthetically pleasing.

I‘m currently working as a graphic designer in EUFIC. Previously I worked in Design Factory, Dublin having completed a BA (hons) in Visual Communications from NCAD.

During my undergrad I spent a semester in Switzerland studying at the Haute École d’Art et de Design, Genève. It was the steepest learning curve in my design career in terms of work ethic and discipline (and learning through French). I learned a new appreciation for the ‘international style’ of design!

I moved to Belgium in 2016 to pursue an Executive Master in Food Design at Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (known for its famous students such as Vincent van Gogh!)
Occasionally I freelance (both design and photography) and you can contact me at kirstynbyrne@gmail.com

I’m on LinkedIn and 100 Archive too